Does Green Tea Help With Weight Loss?

It is a question that we are asked all the time by people who want to make sure they are trying the most effective diet. Does green tea help you lose weight? It is a very good question and one that has a complicated answer. Yes, green tea can be helpful if you are on a diet. But it is not going to make you lose weight on its own. Let us explore in some detail what green tea can offer when you are attempting to shed a few pounds.

Green Tea and Dieting

If you look at so many of the diet supplements that you can buy, you will start to notice there is a very familiar ingredient. What you are getting in all these supplements is green tea extract. And you would have a good reason for wondering why it is there.

You may be questioning why the need to have green tea extract in such a supplement, when it is meant to help you shed the weight. The reason why they have green tea extract is because the tea does help you with your metabolism.

That is the major impact of green tea. Because of the chemicals that are in green tea, it is going to fast track your metabolism while you are going about your day. Say you have two or three cups of green tea during the day. You will be increasing your metabolism anywhere from 5 to 10 percent.

The exact numbers will depend on many factors, but you are most certainly going to see an increase. There is no doubt about that!

Creating a Weight Loss Plan

The problem is that so many people learn about this fact and they assume they just need to start drinking a lot of green tea. That is not how it works. If you have 10 cups of green tea, you are not going to boost your metabolism by an insane amount. There is a certain point where it will stop making a difference.

It is why we always say that to have a few cups of green tea a day is the most that you can be doing. The rest is up to you. It is on how much you eat, how much you exercise and how disciplined you can remain.

You will have to create a proper weight loss plan if you want to cut weight and keep it off. You will have to figure out how many calories you are burning throughout the day, how many more you can burn through exercising, and how many you are eating.

The best way to lose weight is to have a plan for eating fewer calories than you are burning. Then you get the extra boost to your metabolism from green tea. Think of it as some extra boost to your body during this time. It is not going to do the job on its own, but it will help you a lot.

Choose Foods You Love

One of the tips that we can give to someone who wants to start dieting is to keep some foods that you enjoy within your diet. The idea of going completely healthy and eating salads, plain foods and low fat meals is noble, but you will get bored and frustrated so quickly. It is much better to diet in a reasonable way.

Have green tea and visit, have other healthy foods, but also include some items that you enjoy eating. If you like having pasta for dinner, then keep making pasta. Just ensure that you are cutting down on your portions and using healthy, low calorie ingredients where possible!