Why Your Hotel Should Make The Switch To LEDs

Lighting your guest house or small hotel can cost a fortune. But so many guest house owners and bed and breakfasts are still using older style incandescent bulbs or other less efficient lighting options.

Did you know that by switching to LED inbouw lampen and other types of inbouw spots LED you could save thousands each year?

Many owners have been reluctant to make the change because of the costs of the initial outlay involved.

Then, there has also been the issue of some LEDs not performing well with existing dimming facilities that you may already have installed.

The good news is that dimmable LEDs such as badkamer LED inbouwspots work well with dimmer switches. But we would advise that you purchase the right dimmer equipment to use it with.

Not all dimmable LEDs have to be for the bathroom like dimbare led spots inbouw badkamer – there are dimmable LED spots and inbouwspots.

These can be used in every room, from the reception desk, to the restaurant and the guest bedrooms.


A hotel restaurant is a particular area of concern for hoteliers. The lighting in there needs to be atmospheric and dimmable.

It perhaps also doubles up as a breakfast room in the morning and a bar in the evening, especially in the smaller end hotels and guest houses.

For this reason, you do not want the lighting to be either too dingy or too overwhelming.

LED spots and in particular inbouw spots LED make excellent choices, because they can be controlled separately if needed. They can also work with the dimmer switch, once you have purchased a special one to go with it.

Accented lighting is also as important as ambient lighting, in the bar and restaurant area. We recommend that some stylish accented lighting is mixed in, as well as the overhead inbouw LED spotjes, for a gentle layering of light.

Don’t forget to add some show stopper pendant pieces as well, to your restaurant lighting.

Getting the right balance of these three elements is the trick here. And all three types of lighting – be it inbouwspotjes LED or chandeliers can be made to work with LED bulbs. Click here for more details.


The reception is probably where most of your lighting bills are coming from.

More than likely, it has to be lit up 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

And this has to be done in a welcoming, friendly and natural way.

You will definitely be striving for an ambient effect in your reception areas. Once again, we find this is best achieved by a collection of built in LED spots, spread evenly across the whole reception area.

Just like in the restaurant, the reception area will also need to be dimmed sometimes, like at night.

So, you will want to carefully check that the dimming equipment is compatible with this first.

And the savings that you could make, just by swapping a (large) reception with an estimated fifty candle bulbs, of 40 watts each and one hundred 50 watt bulbs, could be in the regions of £27000+ over five years.

This is assuming a big reception area, that perhaps the smaller hotelier or guest house might not have, so your saving may be a proportion of this figure.


Corridors must be permanently lit and if you are using anything other than LEDs then you are wasting money.

We estimate that for five hotel corridors, being lit 24 hours a day, a standard halogen bulb costs an estimated £4620 per year. By switching to inbouw spots LED this could be reduced to only £647 a year. This could represent a saving of £19866 over five years. And this is just for the corridors!


And the rooms?

These need to be particularly well lit, with a good range of lighting options, including bedside lamps and of course LED spots.

Your lighting needs to be overhead, accented on the walls, above the artwork, around the mirrors, in the bathroom and well… just about everywhere.

There can be no dark recesses in your bedrooms, which aren’t controllable by individually operated lights.

And for added effects, we advise the installation of a dimmer switch in the suites.

Hoteliers offering a spa bathroom absolutely must consider LED inbouwspots dimbaar badkamer in their guest bathrooms.

As for the potential savings? Well, we based our calculations on a larger, fifty bed hotel. So, if you have fewer rooms, you will need to scale down the amounts accordingly.

But for a fifty-room facility, with an estimated six lots of 50 watt halogen bulbs in it, over the course of 5 years, you could save in the regions of £20328.

As hoteliers, we understand the initial outlay of both the cost of the bulbs and then the right equipment to go with them, can seem daunting.

But in the long run, LED lighting really will start to pay for itself!

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